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Hey There! I have 16 years of work experience in different industries like Manufacturing, Education/ Training. I worked for Administration / Management and Sales / Marketing. Well, my passion is to capture simple and present beautifully as much as I can, that can be Photo, Food or Life. Nature has gifted us many good things which we just overlook, simply never think about it till we don’t find the importance of it, like our parents. Yes! We use to take them lightly but we understand their importance in our lives when they become old. While taking care of them, I got to know that, I learn many things about my parent’s physical needs and the god gifted nature as our daily meal and spices. Human physical needs and god gifted nature are a compliment to each other. Now I am learning about our daily nutrition from different ways and sharing the same to all get benefited as I am now. How? That you can find on my web site.

Safflower: Kusum a Flower Herb

Safflower is a plant which flowers and seed oil also used as medicine. Safflower is opposite to saffron, has an aroma that is very rich, but more suggestive of a sweet, chocolaty, tobacco. Another difference is that, unlike saffron, the taste is much weaker than the smell and […]

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Krishna Janmashtami – Sunthoda

Happy Shri Krishna Janmashtami to all… Today I am going to tell you how to make Krishna Janmashtami Prasad, which is called as Sunthoda. This Prasad is mainly for the Yashoda ma but in my childhood I was thinking all prasad’s, which we are offering in Krishna Janmashtami is […]

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Waterleaf: A Medicinal Herb

The Ibibios and Efik are tribes always will come top in use of waterleaf in different ways. Almost all their delicacies are cooked with “edikaikong”, either mixed with other leaves or just only it’s. You can call this as “Talinum triangulare” botanically or waterleaf. Waterleaf is a common […]

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Chakkara Pongal – Tamil Style

Shrawan Masa Friday Special: Sweet Pongal / Sakkarai Pongal / Chakkara Pongal / Chakkari Pongal Chakkari Pongal is a very popular sweet rice from South India, which is also popular in Srilanka and Thailand especially in the Tamil communities. There are other names also for sweet Pongal in South […]

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Sweet Coconut Rice: Narali Bhat

Narali Purnima and Raksha Bandhan Special: Hey, on the occasion of Narali Purnima and Raksha Bandhan in Maharashtra and Concan area most of the people make sweet coconut rice at home. Today on Narali Purnima, I am going to share this simple but tasty recipe. So, let’s start: […]

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Indigestion: Apachan in Hindi 

Raining session Indigestion is a very common problem still for these, we have a solution in our kitchen. We can do a very easy solution, but before that, I just want to explain in a very short way, what is indigestion? And what are the symptoms? Indigestion is mostly […]

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Tamarind Rice – Andhra Style

Shri Varalakshmi Vratam Special Pulihora / Puliyogare / Tamarind Rice Recipe – Andhra Style Andhra style Pulihora is tasty and tangy rice recipe for breakfast and lunch or prasad in Temples. Tamarind rice or popularly known as Pulihora in Telugu is a popular rice recipe in south India. I would strongly […]

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