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Hey There! I have 16 years of work experience in different industries like Manufacturing, Education/ Training. I worked for Administration / Management and Sales / Marketing. Well, my passion is to capture simple and present beautifully as much as I can, that can be Photo, Food or Life. Nature has gifted us many good things which we just overlook, simply never think about it till we don’t find the importance of it, like our parents. Yes! We use to take them lightly but we understand their importance in our lives when they become old. While taking care of them, I got to know that, I learn many things about my parent’s physical needs and the god gifted nature as our daily meal and spices. Human physical needs and god gifted nature are a compliment to each other. Now I am learning about our daily nutrition from different ways and sharing the same to all get benefited as I am now. How? That you can find on my web site.

10 Teas For Raining Session

Hey, it’s raining session and many places already have heavy rains, like Mumbai, Nashik and many other places in India. So, I have decided to have a blog on different types of teas and help the people to cure there some small health problems which they’ll handle at […]

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Niger Seeds: Ramtil/ Ramtilla in Hindi

Niger Seed is black but usually sprouts into a yellow-colored flower. Guizotia Abyssinica is the scientific name and it is often mistaken for thistle seeds, which it isn’t. Niger Seed Nutrition Fat 39%, Fiber 11%, Protein 24%, Calcium 300%, Iron 57%. In Western countries, Niger seeds are important components […]

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How to make Udupi Saaru Pudi?

Udupi Saaru Pudi can call Rasam Powder / Saarina Pudi, spicy and aromatic masala powder recipe for Rasam which is the specialty of Udupi cuisine. Udupi Saaru Pudi / Rasam Powder / Saarina Pudi recipe, Rasam is one of the recipes which is prepared in every south Indian […]

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Chia Seeds Vs Sabja Seeds

Chia Seeds are native to South America and were introduced to the old world by Europeans. They don’t have any particular name in Hindi but Basil/Sabza Seeds (written as Sabja) are the seeds of Tulsi. They are sweet basil-seeds. So, friends! today we are going to find the […]

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Basil Seeds: Sabja/ Sabza in Hindi

The Basil Seeds are eatable and found from the sweet basil plant, Ocimum basilicum. Basil Seeds are scented – Seed is a member of the mint family. Basil’s seeds are loaded with volatile oils, responsible for the heady aroma and strong flavor, so essential to cooking. The composition […]

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Basil: Tulsi in Hindi

Holy Basil also called Ocimum tenuiflorum (Botanical name) is a member of the Lamiaceae or Mint family. Also known as Tulsi, or “The Incomparable One,” Holy Basil is one of the most sacred and worshiped plants in India. The leaf is the part most commonly used as an […]

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Metkut Powder: Dal Bhat Masala in Hindi

This is the specialty of south – west India. There are verities in these types of ready mix powders in India, Indians love to have different types of powders to mix in rice and make different dishes. In this one of them today I am going to share […]

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